Lorals for Pleasure – shortie
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In stock

Product description

Enjoy mess free oral sex with Lorals. These latex panties provide a barrier for increased comfort and confidence. Great for oral play during menstruation, rimming, or for mitigating sensory overload.

Please note that Lorals for Pleasure are NOT certified in the EU for STI protection. This product is intended for increasing comfort and preventing bodily fluids from spreading.

Sizing guide

Stretchy latex accomodates bost bodies. The crotch can accomodate various anatomies.

Min. circumference (waist or hips) 66 cm
Max. circumference (waist or hips) 130 cm
Crotch width 6 cm

Depending on your body shape the fit can vary, for example for people with wider hips the fit might be more thong-like, exposing more cheek.


Natural latex. Not suitable for people with latex allergies.

Product info

Vegan, paraben free, chloride free. Single use only – recycle as mixed waste.

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Sizing may be different from other manufacturers. Please measure yourself carefully with the sizing guide below before placing an order.

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