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Long Binder
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Product description

An full length undershirt style binder from New York Toy Collective to flatten your chest comfortably and safely. This moisture wicking binder is just great!

The wide neck allows you to wear even deeper V-necks without your binder peeking out. Wide armpits allow for a freedom of movement. The front features a non-elastic fabric that gives you amazing flattening results with maximal comfort.

The outer fabric is designed to look like a typical undershirt for stealth.



Average chest circumference

XS81-85 cm
86-90 cm
91-95 cm
96-102 cm
103-109 cm
110-116 cm

Measure around two points of your chest

  • At armpit height
  • At nipple height

Add these measurements together and divide by 2. This is your average chest circumference which is used to choose the right size.

If you fall between sizes, we advise to size down, as the sizing runs large.

Product Reviews

Jack 2-in-1 transmasculine stroker
Temporarily out of stock

New York Toy Collective

Jack 2-in-1 transmasculine stroker
64,90 €

Jack is a 2-in-1 representation FTM stroker & packer made from 100% soft silicone. The stroker cavity is ribbed and will create fabulous suction for anatomy at least 1/2″ in diameter. Jack can stretch to accommodate larger anatomy. 

Jack may work with smaller anatomy but will not create any suction during use.

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