Packer Gear STP – Stand-To-Pee packer
20,90 €
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Temporarily out of stock

Temporarily out of stock

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Product description

Nothing fancy, just anything you might need. That's one way of describing the Packer Gear STP packer. Compared to the Super Soft STP, this one has slightly thinner walls (making the "bowl" also slightly bigger). This is a good basic STP packer that does what it promises to do – sits in your pants and allows you to pee standing up. If you've been looking for an STP on a budget, this is it.

If you've not used an STP before, we recommend first trying it at home – perhaps even without clothes on to get past the fear of leaking onto them. Once you've gained some confidence you can gradually try it with clothes on and then in places outside your home.


Total length 15 cm
Shaft length n. 10 cm
Diameter at the testicles 7,5 cm



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