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Binder with Mesh Back
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Product description

Binder with a mesh back for everyday use. This sporty racer back style binder has a stretchy, breathable mesh back and reinforced front panel for best binding results with an added elastic under the chest to ensure that everything stays in place for the whole day.


Read the instructions carefully and choose your size based on your measurements. DO NOT choose your size by your usual clothing size or a binder you've previously used.

SizeStandard sizeAverage chest circumference (cm)
XS8078-82 cm
83-87 cm
88-92 cm
93-97 cm
98-102 cm
103-107 cm

Take two chest measurements:

  • Armpit height
  • Widest part / nipple height

Add these measurements together and divide by two. This is your average chest circumference that will be used for choosing your size.

For example: You measure 91 cm at armpit height and 99 cm at nipple height. 91+99=190. When 190 is divided by two it equals an average circumference of 95 cm. The standard size is thus 95 which converts to L in the sizing table.

Never intentionally buy a size too small. A smaller size does not guarantee better results, but will make the chest tissue push out from the armpits and at the hem. The binding result will be bulgy and not flatter. Binders compress the chest by moving the soft tissue more evenly around your chest and a fitting binder will always provide best results.

Sizing instructions!

This binder runs smaller than the white Mid & Long binders from NYTC! If you've previously purchased a white Mid or Long binder from NYTC, we recommend taking your measurements again and choosing your size based on the sizing chart above. This binder does not have the same relaxed fit at the waist as the NYTC white Mid & Long binders. The waistline is narrower at the waist and the elastic fits quite snugly.

If you're unsure about your size, please contact us via email. We'll be happy to help you find a size that fits your body and needs. We know how important it is to have a well-fitting binder which is why we accept returns and exchanges for unused and clean binders. You can try on the binder, just remember to make sure it is returned with tags still on in a resellable condition. Check out our shipping and return conditions.

Washing instructions


Hand wash or machine wash with gentle cycle in 30°C. Wash with similar colors. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach or dry wash.

Use and care

Avoid using fabric softener when washing your binder. The fabric softener will accumulate between the fibers in the elastic fabric and make the fabric saggy. Instead of fabric softener we recommend using laundry vinegar.

Never sleep in your binder. If you feel pain, shortness of breath or other symptoms during use, please remove the binder and wait until you feel better. After 8 to 12 hours of continuous use we recommend taking off the binder and giving your body 12 hours to recover.

Product Reviews

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Sizing may be different from other manufacturers. Please measure yourself carefully with the sizing guide below before placing an order.

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