Storage System for Sex Toys and Packers
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Product description

Multi purpose storage box and playtray for your pleasure toys and packers. Keep your private stuff to yourself, away from curious eyes. 

This lockable box is specifically designed to keep your toys and peens organized neatly and hygienically. It contains antibacterial silver ions to prevent microbial growth as well as ventilation holes for improved airflow to keep things nice and dry. Use the included playtray as a drying rack and as a separator for your box.

The back of the box has a hole for USB chargers so you can charge your toys without having to leave them on the table for everyone to see.

The lid has a quick access compartment for condoms and smaller toys such as bullet vibes.


33 (width) x 12 (height) x 17 (depth) cm

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Com Wand Massager
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Com features our most powerful motor yet, delivering strong external vibrations. All that steady stimulation equals intense gratification for you!


A flexible neck contours to your curves and lets you rest your arms to hold Com at the perfect angle. It’s a charming choice for vibe newbies and people of all physical abilities.


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